Audio Treatment – Next Chapter

Where to start? As some of you might know, I (Matthijs) also run Above All Records besides our Spark & Shade music. Above All started ten years a go in a time where it was much harder to find a label and get your music released. Together with other artists in my network I started the label to create a platform for those talented people who could use a little bit help to get those beats released. Later on Janco (T.O.M.) joined me as A&R and together with our networks and passion Above All evolved to Above Allternative, Alltum, but also the Trance Academy concept and.. Audio Treatment.

We released a lot of music of big talents with a great list of support and also features on Armin van Buuren’s ASOT Yearmix compilations. Though we could continue like this, it felt we where running in a circle, we where not refreshing anymore and the overflow of music and labels exploded so our mission was caught up.. At that moment there where 2 options left: Quit, or go back to the drawing board to create something that will be refreshing and will be an added value to the scene for music fans and artists, and so we did!

It is time for a next chapter for Above All Records, but also for Spark & Shade. Above All Records will not be longer the main brand / label for our releases, Audio Treatment will be. This also means more focus on the range between 124 – 134 BPM Trance: tunes you can expect in our Audio Treatment podcasts. A journey from Progressive to Club, from Melodic to Energetic. If you fear the lose of authentic “Trance” sounds, please don’t and just have a listen to the podcasts where every 2 weeks we will take you into this journey and will show you how versatile Trance can be.

Audio Treatment will be the base from where we leave for our radioshow, Spark & Shade tunes and Spotify playlist. Enjoy the show, our tracks or the full playlist and if it didn’t work yet: repeat recipe.

“Whatever is your malady, here is your remedy: A melody. This is Audio Treatment.”

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